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Samsung Latest Android Technology – Android ‘N’

Android ‘N’

With Google’s I\/O Developer’s Conference Behind us, it’s Time to Start looking Forward to what’s Next in the world of Android. The Marquee Characteristic in Android N is No Doubt its New Multi-Window Style. The Feature Causes it to be Possible to Divide a Device’s show in half and see Two Applications on Screen at the same time. Sound familiar? It should: Manufacturing Companies like Samsung Happen to be Adding that Ability in their Android Equipment for quite some time now.Which Introduced by Samsung Latest Android Technology – Android N Marks the 1st time the function has been offered as an original part of the real OS – which indicates it’s the 1st time it’s going to be accessible on all Android Equipment, Regardless of who Makes them, as well as the 1st Time Programmers will be Able to Optimize their Applications to work Consistently well with the Characteristic Over the Whole Platform.

Android Technology – Android ‘N’

Profiting from Multi-Window Style on Android N is very Simple: While using Any Application, you just Press and Maintain the System Overview Key. All you do then is choose the Second Application you need from the Stack of cards, as well as Data. You Have Got Two Applications Running Concurrently on your Display. It’s Possible for you to Fire up Multi-Window Mode by Pressing the Overview Key once from Anyplace in the System – then Pressing and keeping any card in your Recently Applied Applications list as well as Dragging it onto the most Effective Part of the Screen.

For Times when Hopping alone won’t suffice, you will still need to use Android complete Overview software – as well as with the N release, that part of the platform gets some much-needed polish. As of the most latest preview, Android N limitations the number of items in the Review list, in order that you see only cards from the last seven applications you have had open. Additionally to the naturally decluttered view, Android N provides a brand new command to clear away all the cards in the Review list and start fresh. All in all, it is a much-enhanced user expertise which makes getting around Android even easier. Android notices are getting better thanks to a refined software launched in Android N. Multiple alerts from the single application are now bundled together right into a single expandable card – so if you received 3 new messages in Gmail, you will see just one card in your notice panel with a summary of that info.

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Xiaomi Redmi 3S Technology Features and It’s Benifits

That’s Exactly the Reason Smartphone Cameras has been Around Since for you to not pass up on any Memorable Encounters. Smart Phone Cameras have made it Feasible for each and Every Single one of us to do it all on the go Anyplace, Anytime. Worth noting that your phone comes in two versions – the Regular Redmi 3S, as well as the Redmi 3S Prime, but the shots, are just the same. The Xiaomi Redmi 3S sports a 13MP main camera, aided by a Light-emitting diode flash. The default camera application over the telephone should look familiar if you’ve ever experienced MIUI.

Opening the application, you’re greeted with a minimal software with only a virtual shutter key, as well as 3 on screen switches to control the flash, turn on the HDR style, and change to the front camera. Swiping left from this screen supplies you with access to a couple of camera modes including Panorama, Manual, Straighten, Beautify, Timer, Scene, Time Lapse, as well as HHT. On the base of the same screen, you will find the settings toggle that allows you to tweak the most common camera settings like placing the image quality to your liking, managing the distinction, saturation, and sharpness etc.

The settings also uncover that the Redmi 3S is effective at recording full Hi-def videos only. Aside from all this, the default camera application on the smartphone now offers some live filters that may be applied to images in real time, and it’s possible for these to be obtained by swiping from the viewfinder. Overall, the camera UI on the Redmi 3S is clean, as well as despite supplying a fair number of functions, the application doesn’t look crowded with options and toggles. As is visible from the above-mentioned landscape shot, the main camera is capable of capturing a decent quantity of detail and close to natural colors.

The Xiaomi Redmi 3S appears to battle on the event while capturing whites, who seem blown out sometimes. The close-up shot we clicked with the Redmi 3S appears, without a doubt, stunning. Let us zoom the picture a little to guarantee this picture is as spectacular as we think it to be. The increased picture only supports what we think about the Redmi 3S shooting prowess with regards to close-up shots. The above picture is simply another long shot clicked with the main camera of the device, with good colors and details. What you probably confusing to shadow in the previous picture, obviously run into has damp patches on the street in the HDR image.

To Know More About Xiaomi Redmi 3S  click

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Easy and Powerful Study Techniques for Higher Studies

Easy and Powerful Study Techniques

The power of any student to study successfully depends to an excellent extent on his basic study skills, i.e. His capability to focus, to perceive correctly and precisely, as well as the capability to remember what’s been perceived. Study abilities should not be mistaken with study techniques and study methods. In the same manner, in order to be an excellent pupil, a student first has to master the basic study skills. Mnemonics training is usually done without taking this sequential manner of learning in the head. A mnemonic is a particular reconstruction of objective content designed to tie new information more carefully to the learner existing knowledge base and ease retrieval.


There are a number of mnemonic techniques, including keywords, peg words, acronym, loci systems, spelling mnemonics, phonetic mnemonics, number sound mnemonics, and Japanese Yodai systems. To use them, students should very first learn the number sound relationships: 0=s, 1=t, 2=n, 3=m, 4=r, 5=l, 6=sh, ch, or soft g, 7=k, difficult c, or difficult g, 8=f or v, and 9=p. To recall the date 1439, for instance, the learner uses the connected consonant sounds, t, r, m and p, and certainly will add vowels to make a significant word or words. The first issue is – as already said – that it overlooks the consecutive way of learning.

Mnemonics instruction is, to a large extent, instruction in memory techniques, which will be taught only AFTER the ability of memory continues to be learned. As stated in Know about Soccer Irrespective of how good your passage technique, if the quality of your passing can be bad, your technique won’t be effective. The 2nd problem is that by training memory crutches only, the outcome is, as said by Scruggs and Mastropieri, On more complicated applications, generalization attempts less successful. In case the SKILL of memory can be taught the student may apply it in any condition. There are 3 learning techniques that may be used to make the study more successful.

Association: This is perhaps the most crucial and most reliable of all of the learning techniques, of which mnemonics can be one of the most often used association technique. Georgi Lozanov was possibly the first who unearthed that, if the consistency of the brain waves can be reduced, more efficient study becomes possible. Most students have the bad habit of only learning the day before a test or examination. There’s never any regular exercise of study skills.

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Animations, Cartoons of Latest Computer Technology

Latest Computer Technology

The animation is the procedure for linking a series of somewhat distinct drawings notably, animations together to simulate motion. The occurrence of continuity of vision usually needs 24 frames per second on a frame. If a string of 24 or fewer animation pictures run per second it’ll make a cartoon animation. Cartoon Animation is a blend of two innovative arts from cartoonists and animators. Cartoon cartoons are the funniest show ever in electronic equipment media. Cartoon cartoons are united in film industries as an effect of special impact technologies. The comic characters are graphically drawn by the cartoonist with placing expressions as well as all as well as animated by animators using specific applications tools.

Comes to Cartoonist Latest Computer Technology

The cartoonist draws things or character based on the plot as well as the movement given as per the story directs. Typically cartoon pictures are hilarious illustrations with a theme behind. The cartoon should hit the viewer and has to supply food for thought. Making animated cartoon is a difficult and demanding job. Preserving the quality of performance of the animation are real knowledge of idea on any expression like grief, happy and also the movements into it. Cartoon Animation is a constant cartoon image with funny expression based on a concept or history. It’s a cross-cultural platform, where any concept could be displayed by cartoon characters.

Computer and application assist a great deal to them to create types of animations in site stuff, games, cartoon pictures, and commercial applications. The cartoon graphics can be 2 dimensional or 3-dimensional models. Because of the phenomenon of determination of vision makes an optical impression of movement to corresponding graphics types. 2D Animation: Graphics are created on the paper or computer screen utilizing 2D bitmap or 2D vector graphics. 2D graphics are drawn on X-Y coordinate as well as automated computerized versions of traditional animation techniques like of twining, morphing, blurring and interpolated. The GUI OS improved a lot of the techniques of 2D cartoons a lot.

Software tools may be used for making 2D animations like Macromedia Flash, PowerPoint etc. 3D Animation: Characters, shapes, and objects might be created in the computer using polygons. Three-dimensional representations of mathematical information are stored in the PC to execute measurements and rendering 2D pictures and 3D computer graphics depend on a lot of the same calculations as 2D vector graphics. Some samples of 3D animations are skeletal movement, Walkthrough Motion, and 3D animation shows. 3D cartoon animation has its source as a demonstration and simulation tool for scientific information. This 3D display tool has proven to be more strong and compelling than every other tool available till date.

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Drupe ONE Android App can do Many Important Things

Drupe ONE Android App can do Many Important Things., It’s True Because People are using So many Apps for Different Applications like anybody wants Record calls they are using call records, auto call recorder etc, for Notes and Remainders some other Applications, for Blocking Contacts some other Applications but DRUPE can do all in one Application

Drupe Android app- tuteens

we can do as many things as you can

if you want to record any calls you can just Drag name from Dealer list to Record call

Drupe Android app- tuteens

if you want send Audio Messages you can just drag it

Drupe Android app- tuteens

one app can do many things

Drupe Android app- tuteens

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Best way to Protect Your Mobile while Charging, traveling and Even theft

Mobile is Compulsory in these Days, To Protect Mobile From Others This Android Application is Safeguard to your Mobile. That is

Anti-Theft Alarm

How to

By downloading from Google Play Store you can Install


It will show all Security Applications and ask for Pin or Pattern lock

4 3


and It start for working


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How to Hide Your Photos, Videos and Other Important Document

Now a Days Photos and Videos Very Important in order to Save or Hide from others There are so Many Applications are there but Private Photo Video App Locker is one of the Best One I Found in Google Play.


Because It seems to be a Calculator with Password


to set Password Type your Password(4-8 character) into calculator and press “=” to Conform


After Giving password again ask for confirmation then press “=” again

If you miss any password it will ask default Email address with your running on Android Mobile.


Then it will ask for what to HIDE


If you found any Doubts watch this video

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How to Protect Eyes from Computer Light

Now a Days Computer and Mobile is essential for every Need and Majority of Families having PC, Laptop in Their house and they are use hours and hours in a Day. There may be some side effects from Screen Brightness like wetting on eyes, Tears from Eyes like That

To Avoid kinds of Problem Install F.lux Application

Watch Video Below

some links

Mobile apps

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